Cicero couple worries for adoptive sons in Haiti

A Cicero couple has concerns for their adoptive sons who are in Haiti. Paul and Julie Rumo are adopting three Haitian brothers. The boys, two 5 year old twins and a 3 year old, survived the earthquake. Julie Rumo says they are now sleeping outside with the rest of the children from the orphanage and supplies of food and water are limited. " They already have so little it is not like they have pantries that are full of food that's not how it works in Haiti," Rumo says.

The Rumo's have traveled to Haiti three times in the past year and say they have formed a very tight bond with the three boys. The adoption was supposed to have been completed in six months but the Rumo's are not sure what will happen now that so much of the country was destroyed in the earthquake. For Paul Rumo it is frustrating not to be able to do more. "Julie and I we want to go right now. We want to jump on an airplane and get there and start moving stone by stone," Rumo says.

The Rumo's are trying to get to Haiti to see their sons. In the meantime, like all parents, Julie Rumo is worried for her son's safety. "They're your children, you want to go down and you want to hold them and tell them it is going to be okay. Instead you know that they are there and they are scared and there is nothing you can do about it. That's just an awful feeling. It's an awful feeling," Rumo says.

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