Cicero friends form 'The Molly Project' to help CNY families cope with cancer through photography

Three best friends from Cicero created a non-profit organization called "The Molly Project" to help women who are affected by cancer or terminal illness. They offer free, at home photography sessions for families dealing with debilitating illness.

Kristin Atkinson's mother, Molly, was like most moms, always behind the camera and never in front of it. As she thumbs through the few pictures she has of her mother, Atkinson always wishes there were more.

"It makes me sad that I don't have more pictures of her or that she's not here but for the most part, looking at them gives me strength and helps me through rough times," says Atkinson.

It was 23 years ago, Atkinson's mother died of lung cancer. She's always leaned on her friends, Kristin Johnson and Tara Polcaro, to deal with the pain. So they came up with a way to honor her mom, taking free pictures for families dealing with cancer or a terminal illness.

"At first I was a little hesitant because it would be a constant reminder of my loss, but I also feel like it's a celebration of her life and she would love what we're doing," says Atkinson.

When the sadness becomes too much to bear, they lean on each other.

"That's the beauty of the three of us doing it together. They're going to yell at me, but we cry a lot. We do. But we couldn't do it without the three of us," says Johnson.

The Molly Project focuses on women whether they're a caretaker of someone battling cancer or a patient. It's a way for women to take a break and capture a moment in time.

To contact The Molly Project, visit their facebook page. You can call (315) 698-1925 or email