Cicero has rare budget surplus

When it comes to budget savings the town of Cicero has come up with the winning formula.

Cicero Town Supervisor Jim Corl says increased revenues from new construction and cost cutting measures helped the town save more than 1.6 million dollars from last yearsâ?? budget.

Cicero's 2012 budget was just over 10.2 million dollars but the town only spent a little over 8.6 million dollars leaving them with a surplus of around 1.6 million.

Cicero Deputy Supervisor Jessica Zambrano says a good part of the surplus came from new construction permits, including a new Loretto project at Cicero Commons and a number of new businesses that opened up on Rt. 11.

"We're trying to make our town more attractive to businesses the more attractive it is the more people that come in. We've got a lot of new attractions on Rt.11. A new Chase Bank, A new Autozone going up," she says.

Councilor Jim Burtis says the town also saved money by changing the way the highway department does business making it more efficient and less costly.

"There are new ways of doing things in the highway department that's what we are questioning that's what we found," he says.

Cicero also used workforce reduction through attrition and a new formula for workers comp to come up with even more savings. Supervisor Corl says Cicero is considering using a small amount of the surplus to pay for upgrades to town hall. As for the rest, Corl says the town plans to save it for a rainy day.