Cicero launching ethics investigation into town supervisor

The Cicero town board is launching an ethics investigation into Supervisor Jessica Zambrano's relationship with Douglas Wickman, a senior principal at C&S Companies, the town's engineering firm.

"This office has been paralyzed by all this - accusations brought against the supervisor," said Deputy Supervisor Tim Burtis. "And it's a very personal attack. So, it's been very difficult for her."

Burtis said Zambrano has always been open about her relationship, and has acknowledged it with both the town's attorney and the Onondaga County District Attorney. Zambrano's admission came before she was elected supervisor in November 2013. Burtis said Zambrano is willing to go through with the investigation.

"Based on the severity of this...We have to do something," said Burtis. "We just cannot not address it...I think the residents expect us to do something."

The investigation stems from allegations made by Cicero resident Robert George, who volunteered on Zambrano's election campaign, but is now calling for her resignation.

"She is writing checks, signing checks to C&S Companies for work Mr. Wickman has done for Cicero," said George. "And they reside together and co-own a home together and have a romantic relationship together. I believe that's wrong and unethical."

The board will now be working with an independent accountant and attorney, as well as the board of ethics from either Onondaga County or another town. The board expects to complete it's selection of an independent representative and have a set course of action in place by the next board meeting.