Cicero man dies from exposure to the cold, left car in 6-degree weather

A missing man from Cicero died from exposure to the cold this weekend.

The Onondaga County Sheriff and East Syracuse Police Chief say 21 year-old Mark Palumbo died behind the Metalcraft building after being exposed to cold temperatures.

Palumbo was out with friends on Sunday around 2:30 a.m. when his car became stuck in a ditch on Route 690 east in the Village of East Syracuse. Police say Palumbo left the car to look for help while his friends stayed behind. Police say it was 6 degrees out when Palumbo walked away from the car.

After an East Syracuse Police Officer located the car, Palumboâ??s friends called him on his cell phone to try and get his location. Police say Palumbo refused to return to the car and would not give his location.

The police officer helped remove the car from the ditch and Palumboâ??s friends were brought to a nearby gas station.

Palumboâ??s mother reported her son missing at 7:35 p.m. on Sunday when he never returned home. An East Syracuse police officer located Palumbo around 12:20 a.m. on Monday behind the Metalcraft building on Burnet Avenue in East Syracuse.

The Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Criminal Division Detectives investigated and said it appears Palumbo died of exposure to the cold. Detectives are still working with the Medical Examinerâ??s Office to determine the exact cause of death.