Cicero Police Chief says potential cuts will "create an unsafe environment"

Photo Credit: Jessica Cain

Cicero Police Chief Joseph Snell says potential cuts to the police department's budget could leave the town with severely inadequate police services and create an unsafe environment for officers and people who live in the town.

Snell says the town is considering cutting $500,000 from the police department. He says for the past 15 years, the department has tried to take a conservative approach to the level of services needed, and he can't support any further reduction in services.

In a letter to Cicero Town Supervisor Judy Boyke, Snell wrote, "This reduction will create a massive back-up in calls for service and significantly increase response times to emergency complaints."

Read the full letter.

Cicero Town Supervisor Judy Boyke says the budget is still a work in progress, and she would never endorse a budget that would create a danger to public safety.

"I really feel that it needs to be looked at realistically," says Boyke. "I never said we were going to remove anything that would take away the quality of their safety or put anyone in a situation to be fearful."

Boyke says the original proposed budget had a 14% tax levy increase. With proposed cuts, the tax levy increase would be 9%. Because of the property tax cap in New York state, the town would have to create a local law if the tax increase is more than 2%.

The town will have a public hearing on the budget on November 10.

If you live in the town of Cicero, do these proposed cuts concern you? If the town doesn't cut from the police department, where do you think they should cut? Post your comments below.