Cicero Police warn public of possible travel scam

Cicero Police are warning the public to be cautious about a suspicious offer for free airfare and discounted travel.Neighbors in Cicero have been receiving postcards in the mail that look like they are from Jet Blue Airways. The postcards offer two free round trip airfares to anywhere in the U.S. but they are not from Jet Blue. When neighbors call a number on the card to to accept they are given an appointment to meet with a company known as Blue Water.

Blue Water has set up inside a the conference center at the Comfort Suites in Cicero. Cicero Police Chief Joseph Snell says the sales pitch you receive at your appointment is very suspicious. Snell says he knows because he thought the postcard was strange and went to an appointment Wednesday night

Couples who received invitations were given an elaborate presentation about discount vacations and travel deals they could get if they paid for an expensive membership. Snell did a some research before going to the appointment he made and found that a company called Blue Water Travel had also offered memberships and big discounts in exclusive presentations until the owner was arrested by police in New Jersey and accused of taking more than $75,000 for travel packages that were never provided. The police chief says he questioned presenters about their business setup but couldn't get any clear answers. After he was escorted outside, Snell decided to put a post on the Cicero Police Facebook page warning people about what he says was a sophisticated but extremely suspicious presentation.

"I'm not saying these people are doing anything illegal but people need to do a lot of research before they turn a lot of money over to these travel clubs or organizations. They need to understand what they're getting involved in. They need to ask the questions because at face value they look really good."

With the help of someone else was invited on Wednesday night CNYCentral caught up with two people he says were part of the Blue Water presentation. The first man claimed he was at the Comfort Inn for a wedding and denied being involved with the travel company. Another man who said his name was Tab Ferguson said the Blue Water company making presentations in Cicero is not connected to the Blue Water Travel company that has been in trouble with the law. Ferguson refused to say anything else to CNYCentral and asked us to stay out of the conference center. No one has been accused of any crimes but. we have been told Thursday night's Blue Water appointments in Cicero have been canceled.

Snell says he has contacted the New York State Attorney General about the Blue Water presentations.