Cicero teaches teens about safe driving

Cicero Police teach young drivers about safe driving and decision making.

The Town of Cicero is teaching new drivers about the realities about distracted and impaired driving. The Police Department purchased a driving simulator to take these teens through the real life scenarios they will look to avoid going forward. At the CanTeen center in Cicero, almost 50 teens saw what can happen if you don't have your priorities straight. This simulator brings you through what it is like to drive under the influence of alcohol, slowing your brakes and turns to feel the effects of drinking. On a separate course you were able to have a phone to text on while your virtual friend texted you back. After both cases drivers went through the process of dealing with law enforcement once they were caught speeding, driving through a light or hitting another car. It told them how much a ticket would be and what consequences they would deal with based on the severity of what they had done.

James Snell is an officer with the Cicero Police. "For a lot of them it was a shock factor. It kind of scared a few kids, realizing that I'm not invincible and that these things really can happen. I'm all over the road when my concentration isn't fully on the road," says Snell.

This is the first of its kind in Central New York. The simulator will be available on a weekly basis at the CanTeen center through the end of the school year. They have not yet said the time for availability, but it will also be used at the high school's after ball party.

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