Citizen Review Board proposes security cameras inside police cars

Nancy Rhodes came to City Hall to see how city representatives plan to handle an increase in reports of police violence.

"This is the most fundamental thing that we need to talk about is that every citizen be safe. That includes safe from abuse by people who are supposed to be protecting them," says Rhodes.

In its quarterly report, the Citizen Review Board says complaints made by neighbors against the Syracuse Police Department went up from 24 last quarter to 32 this quarter.

Khalid Bey is on the Syracuse Common Council. "I encounter constituents daily. I walk a lot through the city and the description of the officers are the same in a couple of the incidents, so I became concerned about repeat violators if you will," says Bey.

Some ideas for change are already being discussed as a way to help stop the increase in complaints of improper searches and seizures, racial bias and excessive force.

"Everyone wants this to be a city where people want to live. I have great respect for Frank Fowler, so he needs help to have the kind of police force that I know he wants to have," says Rhodes.

One idea is to further educate the police department on stop and frisk policies, and to install security cameras into police cars.

Pamela Hunter is a member of the Syracuse Common Council. "Obviously they sound like a good idea if you see the surveillance cameras that we have around the city. That has helped in decreasing crime and that has helped the police," says Hunter.

The common council will address these ideas for change when they meet with the Syracuse Police Department this upcoming Tuesday at 5:30 inside City Hall.