City mayoral candidates talk education days after President Obama praises Syracuse School District

Women for Hogan express support of mayoral candidate on the steps of City Hall Monday.

Mayor Stephanie Miner's opponent, Pat Hogan says her new campaign commercial is inaccurate and should be removed from the television airwaves immediately.

"It was a glossy, hollywood-type commercial that put forth the idea that everything is great in city schools, everything is great in the city neighborhoods and it's just not true," says Hogan.

A group of Syracuse women, including former city councilwoman and school board commissioner Nancy McCarty, spoke in support of Hogan today on the steps of city hall, saying the city's first female mayor has not done enough to improve education.

"I'm very happy to see that Pat is a supporter for full day Pre-K," says McCarty.

CNYCentral's Dora Scheidell caught up with Mayor Miner as she received an endorsement from New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli. She pointed to last week's visit from President Obama at Henninger High School as proof that her administration is doing something right.

"The biggest fact is that the President came here and chose to celebrate what we've been doing in terms of public education. Do you we have more to do? Absolutely. But you do that by committing to it every single day, not just around election time," says Miner.

Hogan says the President's praise was not directed at her.

"The westside community school strategy which I sponsored, we received money for, that was a template for say yes, a program that Mayor Miner actually voted against when she was on the city council," says Hogan.


reached out to the other candidate in the Democratic primary race, Alfonso Davis. He was willing to do an interview on this topic, but was not willing to go on camera. The Democratic primary is Tuesday, September 10.