City moves to demolish abandoned apartment building after fifth fire in 5 months

Polk Street fire

Firefighters responded to a small fire in an abandoned apartment building at 123 Polk Street early Friday morning. An investigation is still ongoing.

It was the first fire since a string of fires in November forced residents out of their apartments. The abandoned apartment building has been boarded up since but neighbors say that people are still using the building for nefarious purposes.

Neighbors have been complaining about the property for years, saying that loud parties, drug use and prostitution have been rampant. But their complaints have fallen on deaf ears within the city.

Missing much of its roof and its yard strewn with garbage and abandoned furniture, the city finally announced this afternoon that it has served the owner with a fifteen day demolition notice. The owner of the building has until May 8 to present a plan to the city to either rehab or demolish the property.

If the owner does not respond and present a plan by that date, the city will then take the next steps towards getting a court order to demolish the property.