City of Auburn adopts new pay-by-phone parking system

In the city of Auburn, pretty soon you can pay for parking as you use it. Auburn's city manager, Douglas Selbey, is moving forward with Pango parking, after the mayor and the city council unanimously approved the proposal Thursday night.

Auburn was chosen as a Pango's pilot city where new features will be tested. Since they're using the city to roll out the program, Auburn is being charged less than half of what Pango normally charges.

The new system, which will be up and running in three to four weeks, allows you to pay for parking with your phone, either by calling a toll free number or using an app for smartphones.

With the app, after establishing an account with Pango, all you do is select your city, press the button to start parking, and press it again to end it when you return to your car.

It will also send you a text message before it expires. Parking rates will stay the same.

If you're not ready for the new technology, don't worry because the meters and kiosks aren't going anywhere.

"People can still put quarters in the meters and use the kiosks. This is an additional system," says Selbey.

The new parking system is also an opportunity for local businesses to get involved and provide incentive to their customers. Through the coupon section on the app, local businesses can offer parking promotions.

The city consulted with the Executive Director of the Downtown Business Improvement District, Connie Reilley and she couldn't be more excited.

"In weather like this if a person pulled up and we had it ready to go they could sit in the comfort and warmth of their car and either use an app or call on their phone," says Reilley.

For many cities, paying for parking is a necessary evil. Auburn is just hoping this new technology will make it a little more convenient.