City of Ithaca extends State of Emergency as clean up efforts begin

Flood waters from the Cascadilla Creek washed onto the streets of Ithaca's Fall Creek neighborhood last week.


thaca Mayor Svante Myrick is extending the city's State of Emergency until at least Thursday amid flooding that's plagued parts of the city since last week.

"We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the city workers that literally averted a natural disaster. But, our work is not yet finished," said Myrick.

Ice jams in the creeks of Ithaca caused flooding, the largest in the Fall Creek Neighborhood. City crews were successful in mitigating widespread flooding, though the City does continue to experience localized flooding. Clean-up efforts will be underway for the rest of the week.

City staff will continue clean-up efforts in the area and will monitor creek conditions carefully as the weather changes.

Residents are encouraged to keep their sandbags through the Spring rainy season.