City of Oswego considering blocking felons and sex offenders from driving taxis

The City of Oswego is considering taking a closer look at the city's approximately 30 licensed taxi drivers and what is in their backgrounds.

Under a proposed law, anyone who has been convicted of a felony in the past ten years or is a sex offender would be excluded from being able to drive a taxi in the city. Nora LaFave is in favor of the law and wants to see more oversight of taxi drivers.

"I don't think it's a good idea to have pedophiles driving people around because what if its after dark and they're taking someone home, they could decide to do something," said LaFave

Oswego Common Councilor Eric VanBuren says taxi drivers could be the first person out of town visitors meet when they arrive in Oswego and he wants to make sure the city makes a good first impression.

"The main concern is you want the residents and guests to feel safe. If somebody comes down here for business, pleasure, you want to know they have access to safe reliable transportation," said VanBuren.

The Lake City Taxi company has said several current drivers would not be able to keep their jobs if the law is passed. Others in the city also question if the law is necessary.

The Oswego Common Council will hold a public comment session regarding the law on September 24th at City Hall. The council is expected to vote on the law that night.