Clark's Ale House ready for last call

For the past 18 years Clark's Ale House has been home to good beer, good food and good company.

"I decided to come down and have a lovely beer," said Mark Connelly.

"Best roast beef sandwich I've ever eaten," said Terry Eckert.

"The special thing about this place is we didn't have music, we didn't have TV's this place was about the people who came in and enjoyed themselves," said Manager Bart Daly.

"Even if you don't know the people at the table, which is the case today everyone talks to each other. It's wonderful, it's a wonderful environment it will be sorely missed," said Elizabeth O'Brien.

Clark's bills itself as one of the first beer bars in the country, and it's tapped a loyal following of customers in Central New York. It was standing room only in the bar Wednesday night, and the crowd was spilling onto the street.

"They did a really good job here, you would be hard pressed to find a place like that in Syracuse," said Connelly.

Clark's is closing to make room for the Landmark Theatre expansion. An upgrade that the ale house says is good for the city.

"Everytime there is a show down here at the landmark, it means tens of thousands of dollars to the businesses down here," said Daly. Clark's has seen that business first hand, but the owner decided it was time to go. The Landmark Theatre is building a bigger stage, in hopes of bringing in bigger shows.

But the news is bittersweet for many Clark's customers. "Everyone is sort of in mourning so I hope he'll relocate, I really truly do."

Daly says there is momentum behind a plan to move. But until then, it's one last cheers before Clark's last call Saturday.