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      Clay Planning Board looks at traffic patterns for proposed Walmart

      The Town of Clay planning board has spent months going over site plans for the Walmart off Route 31.

      A proposal is on the table for the major retailer to expand into a Super Center.

      Right now, the focus of state, town and Walmart officials is on finding a traffic pattern that works and doesn't place a heavier burden on an already heavily travelled road.

      "Dell Center Drive is over capacity or near capacity and Carling is under capacity so we are trying to figure out a nice way to move traffic over toward Carling Road," said Chairman of the Planning Board David Hess. "We want to take some of the traffic off of route 31."

      The plan calls for Walmart to take over the closed Sam's Club on the lot right next door. It could bring more customers and more business into the town. And most agree that's a good thing.

      But with thousands of drivers traveling on route 31 every day, some neighbors say traffic is already a headache and are concerned more cars will cause even more congestion.

      "The traffic is ridiculous," said Lidia Pierce who lives on Soule Road. "It can take me 30 minutes to get out of my street. I just find that unacceptable."

      The planning board says the traffic issue is the last piece of this puzzle. It will take another look at it at it's meeting on May 9th.