Clean-up begins at New Haven home declared â??public health nuisanceâ??

3600 County Route 6, New Haven

Clean up crews are beginning work on a property Monday morning in the Town of New Haven that was

declared a "public health nuisance"

by the Oswego County Board of Health last week.

The crews are expected to spend two days cleaning up garbage that has littered the 3600 County Route 6 property

since the owner, Harold Curran, died

last August.

Oswego County is only permitted to clean up the garbage that poses a heath threat, but not the tons of other debris that litters the property.

"What our direction from the Board of Health is, is to take care of any garbage specifically defined as any type of food waste, primarily because that would be an attractant to draw either rats or rabies vector animals, like skunks or raccoons," says Evan Walsh, Associate Public Health Sanitarian for Oswego County.

A wildlife trapper was on the property from Friday through Sunday to make sure it was safe for workers. Only two skunks were trapped.

"Weâ??re not finding any evidence of rats, thereâ??s no burrows, feces, nothing along that line to indicate thereâ??s a rat problem here," says Walsh.

The Board of Health previously criticized the Town of New Haven for not enforcing code regulations to clean up the property.

Walsh says that after the clean up, responsibility to enforce codes at the property will return to New Haven.

Walsh says the county is paying for the cleanup, but he doesnâ??t know how much is being spent.

The property on County Route 6 is next door to the home where

Maggie Sue Wilcox

The 4-year-old died last summer from the mosquito borne virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Her death prompted a county wide effort to

combat the disease


Neighbor George Ladd described Harold Curran as, "eccentric and a hoarder." He says Curran would constantly pick up items people had discarded by the road side and bring them to his property.