Clinton Square ice rink opens early for skaters to enjoy the newly fallen snow

Ten o'clock is the announced start permitting, for Syracuse's Clinton Square Ice Rink.

We'll be watching to see if the rink does open (there was a record for the day 4.5 inches of snow on Saturday), and whether skaters come out , despite Sunday's wind-chilly temperatures.

The rink is scheduled to be open through spring

--for this week, Monday and Tuesday 11am - 8pm, Wednesday 10 - 8, Thursday (Thanksgiving) 10 - 2 and Friday 10 - 5 and 7:30-9:30pm (Closed during the tree lighting)

For the full listing of hours: Skating is $3 for adults, 12 and under or over 55s, $2, with skate rentals $3.