Close encounters: Frost & Jupiter - Did you see it?

Jupiter / Alan Friednman

Temperatures this morning are likely equally or colder than it was Monday morning. That should place most of central New York between 40-45, with 30-39 across the coldest countryside and North Country. This will put certain portions of the viewing area in danger of seeing the season TMs first frost. There is a freeze warning in effect for Hamilton and northern Herkimer counties and a frost advisory in effect for Jefferson, Lewis and southern Herkimer county through Tuesday morning. The best chance for frost or freezing temperatures will occur across the Adirondacks and the Tug Hill Plateau. Farmers and gardeners in these areas should have taken precaution to extend the growing season. Elsewhere, it will be very nippy, but not likely frosty. Therefore, the growing season will continue. In fact, we do not expect to see these types of temperatures for the rest of the work week.

Here is my forecast for low temperatures by Tuesday morning for cities in central New York:

Syracuse Area: 42 Tully: 36

Rome : 40 Hamilton: 36

Watertown : 35 Lowville: 35

Old Forge: 31 Auburn: 41

Ithaca : 40 Cortland: 37

Fulton : 42 Geneva: 44

Penn Yan: 43 Utica: 40

Do have a farm or garden? Will you cover and protect your flowers and crops tonight? Let us know by commenting on this web story at the bottom of this web page.

If you didn't mind the chill, you were able to view something that hasn TMt happened in nearly 50 years. Jupiter is closer to the Earth than it has been since 1963. It will not be this close again until 2022. Jupiter was visible to the naked eye and located very close to a nearly full harvest moon. The combination of clear skies, a near full moon and Jupiter made the night sky very bright indeed. If you used binoculars, you woulld have been able to see Jupiter and some of its moons. If you used a telescope, you may have been able to see Jupiter TMs big red spot and other amazing images.

Did you watch the skies last night? Let us know by commenting on this web story at the bottom of this web page. If you take pictures of Jupiter tonight, share them with us by e-mailing them to or or by sharing them at MyCNYcentral.

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