Closing in on a motive, in the Liverpool double murder

Sheriff's investigators were still at the Liverpool homicide scene, closing in on a motive for the double stabbing

The house at 915 Second Street in Liverpool, where Brandy Dallas and Samantha Rainwater were stabbed to death on Monday, was still wrapped in yellow crime scene tape on Tuesday, as Sheriff's investigators and the Onondaga County District Attorney's office closed in on a motive.

Suspect Justin Dallas, 26, is being held in the Justice Center in downtown Syracuse on no bail. First Chief Assistant District Attorney Rick Trunfio tells us a grand jury is expected to consider his case soon, and it's expected he'll be indicted on murder first degree (because two people were killed) and other charges.

The case has rekindled a lively debate on the worth of an order of protection, which the suspect's wife had. Both Trunfio and Randi Bregman, executive director of Vera House, say they won't stop violence, but can be part of the protection for a domestic violence victim.

Trunfio tells us that Brandy Dallas was trying to have her order of protection modified. It ordered a complete stay-away by her husband, after an incident last July, but it was already being violated as the couple met, to allow for visitations by their two children.

Trunfio says investigators have talked to the man who drove Dallas to the home where the stabbings happened, and he is not being considered a suspect. They are also talking to the third woman in the house, who is not going to get protective custody.

Investigators are closing in on the motive, for the double killing.

Bregman stresses that Vera House offers services--including 24 hour phone counseling at 468-3260, and 'hidden' shelters, as more parts to safety plans for domestic violence victims.