CNS senior suspended after tweeting joke about budget

Patrick Brown tweeted out a joke after he saw his district fail to pass their budget.


witter is getting one local student into quite a bit of trouble. CNS senior Patrick Brown took to Twitter after his district's budget failed to pass on Tuesday, tweeting that the plumbing, windows, doors and even the High School's Executive Principal should be cut from the budget. He says he was only joking around, but the school suspended him for three days for using his cell phone during class and causing a riot on social media.

"I have the right to go on my twitter and speak my opinion. Do you think every time someone went on Twitter and said they didn't like Obama, if he got offended every time that they would send social services to their house, how ridiculous does that sound, that's basically what they're doing to me. The thing is, I didn't say anything threatening, I didn't say like no harassment was involved. The thing was I just spoke my opinion, and they didn't like that," says Brown.

Brown also says the district has also suspended some of his classmates for longer periods of time, for acts related to Brown's. This will prohibit them from attending their senior ball. We have reached out to the district for a comment, but have yet to hear back from anyone at the school.