CNY Boat show has free tickets if you do boater safety training

Dave White (wearing the 'Gumby' suit) on Weekend Today in CNY talking about boater safety courses planned for the CNY Boat Show

When Dave White, NY Sea Grant's Coastal Recreation and Toursim Specialist came to visit Weekend Today in Central NY on Sunday morning, he was not wearing your typical street clothes.

Affectionately known as a Gumby Suit, the cold water survival suit he was wearing (bright orange!) was a reminder that there's a need for rescuers to go into the water, year-round.

White visited to promote the boater safety courses planned for this year's CNY Boat Show, which opens at the State Fairgrounds on Wednesday. This year, free admission and free tickets are being offered for people who take those courses.

For First Responders, cold water survival training is being offered, Wednesday or Thursday at 6pm. People who come in uniform, or with first responder ID get in the show free. The in-water demonstration is at 6:30, and open to the public to watch

Young boaters (age 10 - 17) can take safety certification courses at the show, and get 3 tickets to the show if they pre-register at 312-3042.

The Boat Show runs Wednesday - Friday 1 - 9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm