CNY Central extensive coverage of President Obamaâ??s visit to Syracuse

CNY Central will have extensive coverage of President Obamaâ??s visit to Syracuse and Central New York on Thursday.

Here is what you can expect:

-- Live web stream of President Obamaâ??s speech at Henninger High School â?? will carry the entirety of the remarks made by the President and any other speakers. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m.

-- Live remarks from President Obama at Henninger High School on NBC 3 and CBS 5 during the 6pm newscasts

-- Matt Mulcahy, Megan Coleman and Michael Benny will report live from Henninger High School on NBC3 and CBS5 before and during the event

-- Live coverage on Twitter throughout the day with the hash tag #ObamaInCNY â?? Tweets from CNY Central reporters and anchors

-- Pictures and updates on Facebook throughout the day from the CNY Central news team

-- Up-to-date articles, pictures, and videos

-- Full video of the Presidentâ??s speech following the event

The Presidentâ??s visit is part of a 2-day bus where he will

lay out his plan for reducing college costs

and improving the value of higher education. A release from the White House says Obama's plan will measure college performance through a new rating system and tie financial aid to college performance.

The President is expected to highlight the Say Yes to Education Program during his speech in Syracuse, touting the city's program as a national model.

Even though the White House handed out tickets for the President's appearance earlier this week, people showed up early in hopes of being first in line. About 30 people were lined up by 10:30 a.m. Thursday. The first two people in line were Fernando Ortiz and Courtney Mangan, who are seniors at Henninger High School.

The President stopped for lunch at Magnolia's Deli and Café in Rochester on his way to Syracuse from Buffalo. The White House Press Office says the President stopped to shake hands and talk with people having lunch outside and joined several young people, including a current college student and a recent graduate, for a brief discussion.

A crowd hoping for a presidential visit in Seneca Falls guessed correctly. The President stopped at the National Women's Rights Historical Park on his way to Syracuse ahead of Women's Equality Day next Monday. Obama said he was "very proud" to visit Seneca Falls.

The bus tour on Thursday and Friday also includes stops in Buffalo, Binghamton and Scranton, Pennsylvania. The White House has not revealed where President Obama will spend the night, but it is expected he will stay in Auburn. The Federal Aviation Administration has cleared the airspace over Auburn for Thursday night into Friday morning. There has been some speculation that the President may make a stop in Auburn to visit the Harriet Tubman Home and Seward House.