CNY Central stations now broadcasting in enhanced widescreen

Today is an important day for the stations of CNY Central. We we are now broadcasting in enhanced widescreen, and on NBC3 we have also debuted a new set in our TV studio.

CNY Central is now the only local news operation bringing you the news in widescreen, something you are already used to seeing on your favorite network shows. Many of the other daytime shows will also be seen in widescreen in the coming days, as well.

So what does this mean for you, the loyal CNY Central viewer?

First and foremost, we are now providing on a local level what those of you with widescreen televisions are used to seeing on a national network level. All newscasts on NBC3, CBS5, and CW6 will be in enhanced widescreen. We are already providing high definition widescreen content for network programming, and also some locally syndicated shows such as TMZ or Live with Regis & Kelly on CBS5. We will soon start adding additional syndicated programs in widescreen in the coming days and weeks, as well as widescreen video here on

We know that many of our viewers have come to expect widescreen images on their widescreen televisions. We have heard from our viewers that many of you do not like seeing the black bars on the sides of standard-screen video, so they zoom their TVs and the picture gets distorted. This new upgrade will for the most part resolve that issue.

As mentioned above, we also have built a new studio set for specifically for enhanced widescreen. We want to take advantage of the new technology available to us, and bring a greatly enhanced product to the viewers of Central New York.

All local news, weather, and sports video recorded by the CNY Central news team will be presented in widescreen. Some of the material we receive from sources such as CBS News will not be provided to us in widescreen. In those instances, and when we are using older video, you will see bars on the sides of the screen.

Finally, for those of you who are viewing us in 4:3 (standard definition), we are providing a center-cut signal so you won TMt miss any important information. The primary focus of the video and graphics will be located in the middle of the screen so it is not cut off by the widescreen format.

We hope you enjoy our new enhanced widescreen video and new NBC3 news set. Please feel free to leave a comment below, and let us know what you think!