CNY dairy farmers seeing business boost from Greek yogurt

After a 10 year decline in the demand for milk, Central New York dairy farmers are seeing a boost in business thanks to the growing popularity of Greek yogurt.

Beth Meyer, of the American Dairy Association, says the success of Greek yogurt companies like Chobani has helped turn around the dairy industry in New York State.

"Anything that gets more people into the dairy category, more people eating dairy is a great thing for us," Meyer says.

Mike McMahon, owner of EZacres Dairy Farm in Homer, says all 1300 of his cows produce milk for Chobani. McMahon says the Chobani's demand for milk from local dairy farmers has soared the last couple of years.

"Chobani started in 2005 with three tractor trailer loads a day, and now they are up to 70 tractor trailer loads a day of milk going in there. So there is a big demand," he says.

New York State currently has 28 yogurt production plants and two more are on the way, including a Byrne Dairy plant which will be built in Cortland County.

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