CNY girl stars as 30 Rock's 6-year-old Jenna Maroney

Matt Mulcahy with Hefferman family

A 7 year old girl who is in the second grade at Rome Catholic school stars in an episode of 30 Rock airing Thursday, February 9, called 'Young Jenna."

Hayley Heffernan plays the role of the 6-year-old version of character Jenna Maroney who is played by television and Broadway star Jane Krakowski.

Hayley, of Lee Center, recently wrapped up a shoot on NBC's hit comedy 30 Rock. In New York, Hayley says she got her own dressing room for her 30 Rock shoot.

While touring our CNYCentral television stations she talked with anchor Matt Mulcahy. "What did they have you do?" Matt asked. "Lip sync to song by Marvin Gaye "let's get it on." said Hayley. Matt asked, "Had you ever heard of the song before?" "No," said Hayley.

According to the Utica Observer-Dispatch, Haley has previously been in local commercials and print ads. Hayley was one of a dozen girls who competed for the role.

â??We were one of the last people to actually go in to the audition. And when she was done the casting director actually came back out and asked me if I was her mom and said she was really fantastic,â?? her mother, Kelly Heffernan, told the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Hayley brougth her mother Kelly to CNYCentral to talk about her experience on 30 Rock. Kelly smiled as she recalled the whole family watching Haley perform her lip sync dance routine. "Her father and I, and Sam, got to watch the whole taping. Afterward the woman who wrote the episode shook our hand and thanked us," said the mother.

"Everyone clapped and they said that's wrap for our Hayley Heffernan. So it's exciting for a little girl. We're very proud."

Hayley said that what she remembers the most about the shoot is the blood makeup they put on her feet. Part of the scene included wearing shoes too tight. They were so tight they made the character's feet bleed.

Hayley is a happy girl, apparently unaffected by her early life brush with being in front of the camera. She says her real goal is to star in a Webkins commercial.

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Be sure to catch Hayley's interview on CW 6 at 10:00pm and NBC 3 at 11:00 on Thursday. Can't catch it tonight? We'll have it right here for you tomorrow!