CNY mother on crusade to make synthetic drugs illegal

'Synthetic' drugs are in stores, but a Central New York mother is campaigning to make them illegal, and harder for young people to get

For Teresa Woolson, the fight to stop synthetic drugs is personal: last August she lost her son Victor, a drowning that she blames on the toxics, that are for sale in area stores. As we sat down for this interview she showed us 'Hit Man,' a packet bought legally in a store in Fulton recently.

They're poisons, she says...often leaves, sprayed with unknown and unregulated chemicals, and marketed, like candy, to young people.

Earlier this spring, Woolson joined a news conference urging Albany to act on new laws that would help law enforcers crack down on synthetics. Legislators adjourned for the summer without acting, so she's spending these months urging friends and neighbors to write their lawmakers, to co sponsor the bill.

The DEA calls synthetics a major crisiss, she points out. She urges parents to be aware, and to make sure their children know that even though synthetics are on store shelves, they're not safe.

You can follow Teresa and her campaign on her Teresa Woolson Facebook page, and also at other FB sites: RIP Victor Woolson, and Standing Against Synthetic Drugs/Bath Salts.

Here's more on Teresa Woolson's campaign:

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