CNY musician headed to the Grammy Awards

Lonnie Park has seen the highs and lows of the music industry. For him, the end of last year was a true low. Park had multiple herniated discs and needed a wheelchair to get around. Even the thought of going down to the studio in the basement of his Groton home was an ordeal.

"I couldn't walk, I couldn't move - it was right after Christmas, I was trying to do music but I couldn't even get in here," said Park as he worked in his studio on Thursday.

Just a few days later, Park had an unexpected career high. Park received a message telling him that an album called "Rumbadoodle" that he played keyboards on was nominated for the Best Pop Instrumental Grammy. Park had been hand picked by a producer from Singapore to join the project

"It has elements of flamenco guitar, it gets new age-y at moments and very atmospheric But at the same time it has this happy fun element to it through the entire album," said Park.

Park has built a successful music career from his home in Groton. He works on different music projects nearly every day and played more than two hundred live shows last year. As he prepared to fly out to L.A., Park said he was humbled by the nomination - and grateful for the chance to be back making music.

"It was when I needed it most," said Park. "This rollercoaster of a music business - fortunately there are moments of validation that keep you going."

The Grammy awards are just the start of a big year for Lonnie Park. He also has an album coming out with his band Ten Man Push and is finishing up a solo album as well.

Park will be tweeting from the Grammys - you can follow him on Twitter @LonniePark

The 55th annual Grammy Awards is Sunday at 8:00 on CBS 5.