CNY Muslims share perspective on Boston bombings

Muslims at Islamic Society of Central New York react to Boston bombings.

Eight days after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Muslims attending a prayer service at the Islamic Society of Central New York Tuesday are sharing their perspective.

Before the suspects claimed their religious motivation, many Muslims in Central New York had hoped the terrorists were not associated with Islam.

According to devout Muslims like Magda Bayoumi, anyone who blames an act of terror on Islam does not understand the faith.

"There is nothing in the quran that says go harm another human being especially if they are innocent people," says Bayoumi.

The President of the Islamic Society of Central New York, Mohammed Khater, says these acts of terror go against everything Islam stands for.

"This is the most disgusting crime in Islam, to kill someone like this, in this fashion, for this reason. How it can be misinterpreted, I don't know," says Khater.

For true Muslims nothing about their religion has changed in light of these bombings. However, some people like Khalil Abdulkhabir worry about the religion's image being negatively impacted by an individual.

"If an individual did an act then the individual has to stand for it. If someone stole something then he's a thief, but I don't know if everyone in the religion becomes a thief," says Abdulkhabir.

The Islamic Society of Central New York is located on Comstock Avenue in Syracuse. They are collecting donations and goods to send to those who have been affected by the bombings in Boston. They welcome anyone to stop by for a frank discussion about their religion.