CNY preparing for extreme heat on Tuesday

All around Central New York, people were preparing for temperatures close to 100 degrees on Tuesday. At Onondaga Park in Syracuse, Jeanne Brown and her husband sat in a shady area of the park while their kids swam. It worked so well, they plan on doing the same thing again tomorrow.

"They get to play in there and they don't even realize it's a hundred. The temperature in there is a lot cooler than it is out here," said Jeanne Brown.

In extreme heat, staying hydrated is crucial. If your get dehydrated, your body can stop being able to cool itself and you could need medical care. If you wait to drink water until until you feel hot, it might be too late.

"It's important to drink before you start sweating because once you start sweating your body is exhausting all its water resources. So it's important when you get up in the morning, have a glass of water before you even start doing anything," said Melissa Fleischmann from Rural Metro Ambulance.

For a lot of people, the best plan is a simple one. Stay indoors with the air conditioning on.

"My boys love for me to read them books. So we're going to sit at home in the AC and I'm going to read them some books," said Makita Horton as her sons played outside on Monday afternoon.