CNY raises money for African famine relief

A Manlius church, helped by World Vision, is collecting thousands for famine relief in the Horn of Africa

A project that started as teens at a Manlius church, looking for a way to understand famine, has now turned into a major fundraiser for African famine relief.

The effort, aimed at Somalia and the Horn of Africa, hit hard by starvation, is being coordinated by Eastern Hills Bible Church, and World Vision --the global relief effort is putting up $5 for every $1 raised here in Central New York. Brian Howe, with the Manlius church, says $77-thousand has been raised here already, and they plan to keep fundraising til the end of February.

Howe says that the effort has become a teaching moment, as well as a money raiser. More people are aware of the dire situations on the Horn of Africa, he says, and it puts world events involving Somalia into perspective.