CNY reacts to SU buzzer beater win against Duke

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- It's the buzzer beater that all of Syracuse is still talking about.

Syracuse University's game against Duke University on Wednesday lived up to all the hype.

With only seconds left in the game against Duke University, SU's John Gillon launches the three-pointer, makes the shot and the crowd goes wild.

Fans roared and stormed the court to celebrate in a game that will long be remembered.

Both fans and sports officials say this game was one for the books, including SU alum and NBC sportscaster Mike Tirico.

The game is receiving national attention and Tirico says the last second win couldn't have come at a better time for the orange.

"Lots of people watching nationally I'm sure 30,000 in the Dome. A rivalry. Two Hall of Fame coaches. To have a game end like that on a shot like that is one of those memorable things for the fans who saw it or for the fans who were lucky enough to be there so another great night in the dome it's just pretty special," Tirico said.

Wednesday's win is the third for the orange over a top ten team this season and Tirico says it came on a very unlikely play.

"That's not the way way you would draw it up. Getting a rebound with six seconds left and going not the best shot you can bet but when a players having a good night and on a roll they know where they need to get to get a chance to win the game," Tirico explained.

For Tirico a longtime SU basketball fan who has been watching games in the Dome for more than 30 years, last night's buzzer beater brought back some fond memories.

"To see Duke in there and the rivalry took me back to the days when it was Georgetown or another team from the Big East like Connecticut," Tirico said.

A new rivalry and for SU fans a last second win that won't soon be forgotten.

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