CNY schools running out of snow days

Snow days used to be a rare occurrence worth celebrating for students in Syracuse, but this year, some students said they have had so many they would rather go to school.

â??I donâ??t know what they are going to do if we get any more storms,â?? said Tonya Jones, a parent in the Syracuse City School District.

The Syracuse City School District used the last of its pre-approved snow days on Friday. If the school needs to take another day, students will have to stay in school the Friday before Memorial Day instead of having it as a day off. Any additional days will mean taking away vacation time from April break.

The Liverpool, Fayetteville-Manlius, Lafayette, and Onondaga Central School Districts are all out of snow days. West Genesee Superintendent Chris Brown says the district has one snow day left and can also give up the Thursday before spring break, but any other additional snow days will complicate the schedule.

â??You can do two things, you can look at spring break or you can look at the end of the year and add a couple days onto the end of the school year,â?? Superintendent Brown said. â??It comes down to what works better for the schedule and everything else."

Superintendent Brown says it is tricky to change these days around, but that does not factor into the decision about whether to cancel school.

â??It's whatever is in the best interests of student safety and faculty safety and that's it,â?? Superintendent Brown said. â??We could be three days in the hole and if it's a bad day on the road, the road crews say we don't want you on the roads, we're not going to be on the roads."

Onondaga Central School superintendent Rob Price says his district will have to take days from April break if there are any more snow days. Price says the district is also working on a cold weather pickup plan that could prevent Onondaga Central from having to take any cold weather days next year.