CNY ski centers benefiting from the Olympics

The conditions are ideal and with skiing and snowboarding highlighted in prime time during the Olympic, Toggenburg and other Central New York ski centers are drawing big crowds during school vacation week. Linda Carter brought her daughter for her first ski lesson after she watched the ski events on TV.

"She's been eying the big hill today but I don't think she's going up it," said Carter with a laugh.

Heavy snowfall and cold temperatures have built up a strong base on the Syracuse area mountains and Jessie Novak from Toggenburg says the excitement surrounding the Olympics has provided another boost.

"Everybody with the Olympics started somewhere and for people to see it on TV and come here to try it out, it's really great," said Novak.

The starter hills at Toggenburg offer kids a chance to learn, maybe try a few things out before they try moves like they see on TV. Paul Marczweski brought his grandchildren and helped them with the basics.

"They find out a little bit about how hard it is because the Olympians make it look so great and easy," said Marczweski.

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