CNY soldiers coming home from Afghanistan Sunday evening

80 NY National Guard troops come back to Syracuse Sunday evening after 10 months in Afghanistan

Families are getting set to welcome loved ones back to Central New York, after they've been deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months.

Members of the NY Army National Guard's 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment should arrive at Hancock Airbase about 7:30 Sunday evening. The family reunions will happen at the Armory on Thompson Road for most, though 18 of the 80 will be bused to Utica for reunions at their home armory there.

The soldiers come from across New York, though most live in the Syracuse area. While in Afghanistan, they provided roadside security and also helped train Afghani police as part of the American troop drawdown plan.

Another group from the same unit is scheduled to arrive here the end of the week, and Company A from the same battalion, which deployed to Kuwait, is expected to be home later this fall.