CNY SPCA is full - slashes pet adoption fees by half


The SPCA in Mattydale says a combination of cruelty investigations and an increase in the number of pet owners who can't afford to take care of their animals has led to a major overcrowding situation. The shelter can not take in any more dogs or cats and is now slashing its adoption fees hoping it will prompt more people to adopt.

The shelter

has dropped the fee to adopt a dog from $170 to $80 dollars. The fee to adopt a cat is down from $145 to roughly $70 dollars. The "half off" adoption prices will remain in effect until the end of 2013.

Applicants to adopt a pet from the SPCA must be at least 18 years old and you will have to fill out an application. An adoption application must be completed and approved by an adoption counselor before any animal can be taken out for a visit.


aul Morgan is the Executive Director with the CNY SPCA. "Our population at the SPCA has gone through the roof," says Morgan. "So our populations are going up, but our adoptions are kind of slow so we were trying to think of a way to be more positive and get out there in the community and say listen if you are interested in a new dog, a new member of your family, we're going to lower our rates almost more than half for adoption fees."

Stacy Cich and Katie Russell are friends and say they would be inclined to adopt a dog with these lower adoption rates.

"OMG I love dogs I would buy one in a second especially if the prices are lower. I would have as many as I'm allowed to have. I love them all animals," says Cich.


I would more or less go toward a dog


but I would adopt if the adoption rate is going lower


I mean coming out of college I don't have that much money but if it's going lower I would adopt a dog in a second I love animals


especially a rottweiler they're my favorite

," says Russell.