CNY SPCA offering animals at half price until the new year to encourage adoptions

Space for animals at the CNY SPCA in Mattydale is in short supply.

CNY SPCA's Director of Development Terri Para says they now have more than two hundred cats, eighty dogs, four new liters of rabbits and even two ferrets living at the facility and simply don't have the room to house them all.

"It's crazy this year," Para says. "I don't understand it. It's hard to explain. I just don't understand how people can dump their animals and not try and take care of them."

Para says feeding all these hungry animals is becoming more of a challenge each day and they are now almost out of cat food.

"They definitely get fed but with 240 cats we run out of cat food like you wouldn't believe," she says.

In addition to all the other animals at the shelter, the CNY SPCA also has two horses that have been staying in a small barn on the property since January.

"They are mother and daughter," Para says. "They were about 185 pounds underweight when they were brought here. They're not underweight now but they are looking for a good home. This is not a good home for them. They roam around in our backyard and the staff has grown to love them very much but it's not fair to them."

To help encourage adoptions, the CNY SPCA is offering them at half price from now until Jan.1st.

The cost for adoptions will now drop to just $80 dollars for a dog and $60 for a cat which includes spaying and neutering, vaccinations and a micro-chip.

In addition to finding good homes for these animals the CNY SPCA is also looking for donations of food, cat liter, blankets and money to help pay for much needed renovations. For more information on adopting or making a donation, visit