CNY twins celebrate a life-saving kidney donation, defy odds

Twenty-five years ago, Lynne Jones saved her sister's life. Her twin Laurie Searles had two fast-failing kidneys and needed a transplant. Lynne was a perfect match.

"The decision was easy," said Lynne. "You just saw her getting sicker and sicker and for me it was an easy fix."

"It was the ultimate gift for me. Thanks to her I have my son, and my normal life," said Laurie Searle who received her sisters kidney.

The ladies are living proof that you can have that normal, healthy life after a transplant. "I always wanted children and from the gift that she gave me, I had my gift and his name is Benjamin," said Laurie.

Doctors call Laurie's case a miracle. According to the National Kidney Federation, only 50 percent of kidneys last more than 10 years. But more than 2 decades later, Laurie's is still working perfectly.

Another reason celebrate when the twins turn 50 on Saturday. The local chapter of the Kidney Foundation will be there too, not only to honor the ladies, but to promote the Kidney Walk on April 29th.

"I'm just happy to make it to 50! It's a milestone for me," said Laurie. "Big party!" added Lynne.

The sisters are also marking their milestones by raising awareness, 26 million people or one in nine adults have kidney disease. The Kidney Foundation says millions more are at an increased risk and don't even know it. Doctors say early detection is your best defense but if it does come to a transplant, family members are often the best match.

"She's just my best friend," said Lynne. "We've been together forever."

"We would do anything for eachother," said Laurie.