CNY woman seeks stolen purse that had husband's ashes in it

This Michael Kors purse was stolen from a woman at a Baldwinsville tiki bar. It has her late husband's ashes in it and she is offering a $1,000 reward for location of the ashes. (Facebook Photos)

A central New York woman is seeking help in locating her purse that was stolen while she was at a tiki bar. But it's not the money or credit cards in it that she is most concerned about. It's her late husband's ashes.

Tammi Lohr-Fairfield posted on Facebook on Saturday that she is offering a $1000 reward to at least have the ashes returned to her. They were in a Michael Kors purse that was taken from her at the Winds of Cold Springs Harbor Tiki Bar in Baldwinsville.

"I have already canceled my credit cards and reported along with some of the other items in it .. however my husbands ashes were in a piece of jewelry in there and I would do anything to get that back," she wrote in the post. She said the ashes are in a jewelry box.

The owner of the bar has said he has looked through security cameras of the area but couldn't get a good view.

"If u could somehow find it in your heart to get my my husbands ashes back and my glasses that would be wonderful," Lohr-Fairfield wrote.

If you have any information about the incident, or know the whereabouts of Tammi's purse, you can contact her at

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