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      CNYcentral Anchors Matt Mulcahy and Michael Benny lead campaign to end domestic violence

      The 2013 White Ribbon campaign kicked off Tuesday morning with a breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool.

      The campaign was established in Syracuse in 1995 to help fund Vera House education and awareness programs and services. The primary goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence and the ways our community is working to end that violence.

      Click here to learn more about purchasing a ribbon to support the campaign. Wearing a white ribbon from April 12-21 means you join thousands in our community in making a personal statement never to support, commit or remain silent about abuse.

      CNY Central's CBS-5 News anchor and managing editor Michael Benny and NBC-3 News anchor and managing editor Matt Mulcahy are joined by NewsChannel 9 anchor Dan Cummings as honorary co-chairs of the 2013 White Ribbon Campaign.

      All three newsmen have promised to use their positions in the community to raise awareness about the cause. Click here to read more about what Benny, Mulcahy and Cummings have said about their involvement in the White Ribbon Campaign.

      Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick says that about 20 percent homicides are domestic violence related.

      â??About 20-25 percent of our police officers killed in this country are killed responding to domestic violence situations, so this is something I take very seriously,â?? says Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick.

      Phil Kugler is the sister Linda Neely, who lost her life to of domestic violence. "You don't realize it's [violence] there. You see it on the news, but when it happens right next to you it wakes you up,â?? says Kugler.

      Vera House Men's Outreach Coordinator George Kilpatrick, who spoke at the event, says, "When we as men step up and not allow abuse, verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually, we are taking a stand to support the women and girls we know in the community."