CNYCentral Person of the Year: Baby Easton

Baby Easton Friedel was selected the CNYCentral Person of the Year by news anchor and managing editors Matt Mulcahy and Michael Benny during the CW 6 News at 10:00 Wednesday evening.

The selection process began on CNYCentral's Facebook page mid-afternoon in the wake of Time magazine naming Pope Francis as its Person of the Year. During The Talk segment on NBC 3 at 5:30 and CBS 5 at 6:00 pm Matt, Michael and Megan Coleman discussed a list of candidates.

Included in the discussion were familiar names like Jim Boeheim and Scott Schafer. Good Samaritan Bill Cregg received a lot of attention. Cregg came to the aid of Lori Bresnahan after she and the ten year old girl were viciously attacked after being abducted at the Great Northern Mall. Bill is a great example of the unsung volunteers and citizens in our community who do great deeds throughout the year.

The final choices were Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor and Baby Easton. Mayor Miner deserved recognition for winning a second term and standing up to Governor Cuomo. Chancellor Cantor is wrapping up a decade leading the university. Under her tenure she extended the reach of Syracuse University into the community including the Connective Corridor, Armory Square and the near Westside Initiative.

Baby Easton and his family captured the hearts of Central New York with their devotion and unrelenting advocacy for their child with the rare illness known as EB. Each story we aired or posted about Baby Easton throughout the year tugged at the heart strings of viewers and readers.

In addition to his personal story, Baby Easton also has come to represent the remarkable care given to children in Syracuse at Golisano Children's Hospital. Syracuse has become a hub for pediatric care.

Congratulations to Baby Easton on being selected our Person of the Year.

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