Coach Boeheim among parents celebrating JD school board vote to accept 195-ft wide turf field

Coach Jim Boeheim spoke out at JD board meeting about funding a turf field for the district.

Coach Jim Boeheim was among those who packed a standing room only meeting about the future of a turf field in the Jamesville Dewitt school district.

"I'm appalled by what we have. If you think what we have is better than what were going to get then you're not being honest," says Boeheim. Watch Boeheim's entire comments.

So many people showed up, dozens had to stand outside in the hallway.

The discussion which got heated at times, focused on 15 feet of turf.

The Jamesville Dewitt turf and track community board raised spent the last year raising money to provide the district with a multi-purpose turf field, including new lights and a resurfaced track. The goal was to provide the district with an updated facility for interscholastic boys and girls' teams as well as provide access to the facilities for physical education classes. In addition, the field would be a safe area for the boys and girls lacrosse teams to practice in the early spring rather than using the parking lots.

The board raised more than $700,000 which would buy a 195-foot wide turf field instead of the original goal of a 210-foot wide field, which some coaches wanted.

The fundraising for the larger field would necessitate raising an additional $800-900,000 to accommodate a brand new track and relocation of the existing light poles and lights. The total cost of that project would exceed $1.8 million and the community board was not confident they would be able to raise the additional funds necessary.

In the end the board decided to give up those15 feet, voting unanimously to move forward and accept the gift of a 195-foot wide turf field.