Coach Mac remembered for contributions off the field

Coach Mac is being remembered as a great football coach, but he was also genuinely caring and supportive of efforts to make this community better (Photo: SU Athletics)

Coach Mac will always be remembered as a great SU football coach, but as news spread of his passing, community leaders reminisced about his other contributions to the community.

Linda Wright, with the Salvation Army Syracuse, remembers Coach as an active board member as Dome Donation Day began, 35 years ago. On the game day morning of the food drive, he called Salvation Army members set up around the Dome to ask if they needed anything from him before he went on the field.

"It just speaks to his passion, his care and his commitment," Wright says,..."for the Salvation Army, but more importantly, for the people we serve."

MacPherson remained supportive of the Salvation Army, even after he left SU and the local Board. Wright says he also helped recruit former football players as speakers, at the Salvation Army's annual Civic Luncheons.

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