Coach returns to scene of shooting: Matt's Memo

Tom Dotterer.

The community wondered for nearly a week whether the respected baseball coach and north side liquor store owner would survive a gunshot to the eye. Tonight we learned for certain Tom Dotterer is gong to make it. Wearing a wide stretching bandage that patches and protects his right eye.

Our Jim Kenyon talked with Dotterer tonight. Dotterer did not look strong. His face is discolored from the injury. It will take time to recover. He did not want to discuss the shooting out of respect to the police investigation. He also showed a sense of hope that the young men responsible might have a fair opportunity at justice and rehabilitation.

Dotterer is not saying whether his own attempt at intervention into the robberry of his store contributed to the harm to him. He does have that record of protecting himself and his property by striking back. His return from the hospital coincided with the police arresting the second man accused of the assault and robbery.

Dotterer told Jim he has been brought to tears by the outpouring of support. Although he made it very clear he does not one 'iota' of pity. He plans to keep living the way he always did, gun shot wound or not.

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