Coca-Cola workers to rally against "sugar tax"

Coca-Cola workers in Syracuse plan to rally against Governor Paterson's proposed "sugar tax" today.

The beverage industry and a coalition called New Yorkers Against Unfair Taxes say proposed tax hikes on fruit drinks and soda could cost the state 6,000 jobs. They plan a rally this afternoon at the Coke bottling plant in Syracuse.

Meanwhile, state Health Commissioner Richard Daines criticized a new Quinnipiac Poll about the proposed tax. The poll asked if people would support the so-called "obesity tax" or "fat tax" and found that 57 percent were against it and 40 percent were for it.

Daines said in another poll, by Kiley and Company, 600 likely voters were asked if they would support a tax on sugary drinks if it came down to a choice between that and reducing Medicaid funding. He said 76 percent said yes.

Daines said in polling, it's all in how you ask the question.