Cold Water Challenge puts Michigan man in hospital

Polar plungers

A new viral internet fad has put one man into a hospital in Western Michigan.

Itâ??s called the Cold Water Challenge, and itâ??s not unlike the polar plunges brave Central New Yorkers take on all winter, but with one major difference.

The challenge works like this: People are dared to film themselves jumping into a body of cold water and have it posted on social media within 24 hours. If the person fails, they have to donate money to a charity.

While this doesnâ??t seem so bad, a 32-year-old man from Sturgis, Michigan was paralyzed after jumping into a freezing lake.

The big difference between the Cold Water Challenge and polar plunges we celebrate here in Central New York is the presence of emergency personnel. Rescue crews are in the water with plungers to monitor their health going in and coming out of the water.

What do you think about the Cold Water Challenge? Is it something authorities should address?