Colgate students predict presidential run following Hillary Clinton visit

Hillary Clinton addressed an estimated 5,000 people on Friday evening at Colgate University in Hamilton.

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at Colgate University on Friday evening, touching on everything from cyberterrorism to the debt ceiling.

Notably absent from her talk were any mentions of a 2016 presidential bid. She did, however, address the subject when questioned about it during a discussion with a select group of students prior to her 6pm talk.

"She spoke about how the next leader in this country really needs to have a very firm set of beliefs that is not going to be altered by any kind of lobbying or any kind of outside forces," said Natalie Sportelli, president of Colgate's College Democrats.

Andy Philipson, a senior political science major, had asked the question to Clinton, confident in her future plans. "I am positive she's gonna run," said Philipson. "I think she's still very much in campaign mode," he explained.

Other students agreed, and felt Clinton would be a good candidate for the job. "I definitely think she's gonna run," said freshman Grace Western. "I think you could hear it throughout this lecture, throughout beforehand in our meeting with her," said Western.

"Everyone knows she will run, and we all hope that she'll win" said sophomore Charity Whyte.

Clinton recently traveled to other Central New York Colleges, including the University of Buffalo on Wednesday and Hamilton College on October 4th.

Her visit to Colgate University attracted an estimated 5,000 people.

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