College students find housing shortages in Syracuse

A new school year is bring a new challenge for some local college students - not enough rooms to house everyone who needs one.

Elizabeth Goodman, an ROTC student at Syracuse University, considers herself lucky to have found an apartment off campus this year. "The university is very packed, even with their housing and surrounding areas. I know I looked into it in October and a lot of places were filled already," she says.

With close to 4,000 new students coming onto SU's campus this fall, the demand for housing is greater than ever. Demand is high at Onondaga Community College as well.

Kris Duffy says OCC has less than 600 on-campus apartments and more than 12,000 students. "Where finding interest all over the place so trying to accommodate all of the students is a challenge," she says.

Jonathan Santos, a freshman at OCC, is one of a growing number of students who have found off campus housing near the SU campus. Santos, who is from the Bronx, is happy with his new place.

"It's nice, very nice. It's furnished and everything. It's nicer than the dorm," he says.

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