Colorado movie theater massacre affects Syracuse community

Two men with ties to the Syracuse community are recovering after thedeadly attack early Friday morning at a showing of â??The Dark Knight Risesâ?? in Aurora, Colorado.

Stephen Barton is a recent Syracuse University graduate injured in the attack. He was bicycling cross-country and stopped in Colorado. At 12:05am on Friday, Barton tweeted a picture of his movie ticket.

Barton sustained injuries from shotgun pellets. His brother David said Stephen had minor surgery to remove the pellets from his neck and chest, but is doing well.

Stephen recently spoke at the Syracuse University commencement, where he graduated with a triple major in international relations, economics, and Russian language, literature, and culture.

â??Itâ??s tragic,â?? said Syracuse University senior Cole Tucker. â??It's sad, and you know, the fact that I know him or don't know him doesn't really matter. The fact is that he's an SU alumus, and it kind of feels like it's a piece of the family, you know, being affected by this.â??

A local pastorâ??s son was also injured during the shooting. Pastor Monte Smith of the North Syracuse Christian Church received a call early Friday morning that his son Lucas, who currently lives in Denver with his wife, was shot during the attack.

Lucas was hit eight times in the leg and lower abdomen. His father Monte said that Lucas had a difficult time realizing that the attack was actually happening.

â??Your mind is going,â?? said Smith. â??You think it's a fiction thing you're a part of, and you can't really grasp that this is actually reality happening. But it only took a few seconds for everybody to realize that it was reality and not fiction.â??

Monte said his son is currently recovering at home and is expected to begin walking again in two weeks.