Common Council considers banning smoking in all Syracuse City Parks

Smoking could soon be banned in all Syracuse City Parks.

The Syracuse Common Council could vote on a proposed smoking ban as early as next month. It would ban smoking in all city parks and would include areas like Columbus Circle and Clinton Square.

Those caught violating the ban could face a $50 fine. We spoke with people from both camps, smokers and non-smokers, and they both said they would support the ban.

â??Yeah, Iâ??m smoking, but right is right and wrong is wrong,â?? said Felix Winborne. â??If it would help the area and the public, Iâ??m all for it.â??

â??As a person who doesnâ??t smoke, it would definitely be appreciated on my part,â?? said Stephanie Michaels. â??I donâ??t want to smell it, I donâ??t want to be around it, and I donâ??t want my child to be around it.

The smoking ban could be voted on as early as June 9.